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Double Chamber (Key & & & & Secondary) with insulating material pieces (totally insulated inner refractory lining) in addition to controlled air blower for each room Insulation/ Refractory Density: ≥ 100mm Chamber plate thickness: ≥ 6mm Fuel Kind: Gas based upon losing gas in combustion chambers Waste Capacity: ≈ 150 Kg/Day Incineration capacity: ≈ 25 […]
XIV. XVI. Caustic dosing system comprising Tank- Agitator as well as also pump XIV. II i. 1 No. III.Centrifugal forced draft combustion air fan with electric motor. V. Auto-loading in the type of Double FDV apparatus with exterior entry B. Refractory lined main charging door in addition to ash cleansing door. Fully automated petroleum heating […]
– – – – the waste is organic and originating from lab, can be greatly dangerous in instance of terror attack or booms or comparable events.{ (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});|}
i) Patient and operator safety and system performance should not be adversely affected by fluid spills. ii) If the unit is affected, it should fail safely.   c) Overcurrent Protection i) Loss of power to other equipment on the same branch circuit due to internal equipment faults should be prevented by using fuses or circuit […]
f) Alarms i) The unit should have visual or audible alarms to warn operators of any system fault that may cause unsafe or erroneous results. ii) Audible and/or visual indicators should activate when the display reading reaches and remains at the alarm limit. iii) All alarms must be fully explained in the operator’s guide.   […]
Toxic and Harmful wastes, NOX Combustion burner Medical Incinerator, 6 kg/hr Furnace gate 0.008 CO Guide Medical Incinerator, 24 kg/hr Generally Speaking, all type of wastes and garbages Gas Blower Incombustible and volatile materials not permitted in Process manner Oil Gas Industrial wastes Blower Oil 45.5 (mg/m3) Gas Domestic garbage Medical Incinerator, 6 kg/hr including […]
ii) The visual alarm must be specific to the problem and remain on until the alarm condition is corrected; it should not be possible to turn off the visual alarm.   i) Construction Quality i) The unit should have no sharp edges. ii) All external components should be securely mounted. iii) The unit should be […]
Insect awesomes and so on. Insect killers and so on. |– 5 (5) YEAR PART SERVICE WARRANTY FROM DATE OF APPROVAL We’re an aerosol manufacturing firm. Our items includes Deodorants, Anti perspirant deodorants, air freshners,
Temperature level Controlled Heater. Modern modern technology: Heavy-duty covering, to be a top quality, sturdy, trustworthy, budget friendly Heater with significant control, very simple to operate and similarly self-supporting. Note: Comparable Modern Innovation and additionally / or Tenderers Proposals price. MADE USE OF AIR FILTERS (AUTOMOTIVE AND ALSO ADDITIONALLY SIMILAR) 23,149 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || […]
  Height: 82″ (208 cm) without stack, 100″ (254cm) with stack Width:  39.5″ (99 cm) burn chamber, 58″(147cm) at foundation Length: 62″ (157 cm) overall, 34″(86 cm) at foundation Weight: 1800 ibs (approximately 816 kg)   Main Chamber Volume: 10.5 cu.ft. (.28 cu/m) Suggested Load Volume: 8 cu ft. (22 cu/m) load Diameter of Stack: […]
Waste type: Healthcare waste Throughput: 50kg/hr at a nominal calorific value of 4,000kca/kg and a mean bulk density of 120kg/m3 for general waste and 160kg/m3 for healthcare waste. Insulation: Quality/Environmental Standards: NEMA ACT (EMCA) 1999,   BS3316 Calcium silicate Thickness: 25mm Typical consumption: 3Ltrs/hr Afterburner: Flue gas treatment:  should have particulate remover (scrubbers) Hearth and lower […]
Burring Ability 100/ 200 KG/ human resources Please develop your bargain right here 4. Type of Paint Warm Resistance enamel paint compose your offer below.1. Ability: to cremate (carrion and likewise spoils) 350-400kg/ hr 4. Heater weight: 1800-2000 kg 7. 6. Burner weight: 1800-2000 kg 7. Quantity: 0.70-0.80 m/cube 8. External measurement: 1.4-1.6 * 1.0-1.15 […]
INCINERATOR WITH CONTROL UNIT Has been Especially designed for use in: – Hospitals – Clinics – Laboratories – Disaster relief Operations – Animal Cremation – Can be used to eliminate medical waste with reliable, on site technology   An Advanced system for medical facilities.  eliminate hospital waste (such as infectious and pathological waste) effectively, and […]
a) This room ought to be equipped with burners that use low sulphur fuel. B) The temperature of the primary chamber shall be 800 +/- 50 degrees centigrade 3. Primary combustion chamber B) The room should guarantee a minimum exit temperature of 850 degrees centigrade. 2.4 Secondary Combustion Chamber (After burner) a) Should be fitted […]
Waste Incineration HICLOVER Model TS75  Items/Model TS75( PLC) Photo Concept Waste Incineration Burn Rate Average 75 kg/hour Feed Capability Common 150kg Control Establishing PLC( Programmable Thinking Controller Burner) Burning Chamber 770L Inner Measurements 100x81x95cm Second Chamber 385L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Setting Guide Voltage 220V Power 0.7 Kw Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Common 16.9 Gas […]
medical waste incinerator iraq price HICLOVER TS10 PLC 10kgs per hour Items/Model TS10( PLC) Picture Melt Price Regular 10 kg/hour Feed Capability Requirement 20kg/feeding Control Mode Programmable Reasoning Controller( PLC) Panel Combustion Chamber 100L Indoor Dimensions 50x50x40cm 2nd Chamber 50L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Setting Handbook Voltage 220V Power 0.5 Kw Oil Utilization (kg/hour) standard […]
2020-06-28 Item Requires Layout YD-30C Key Product Listing Key Burning Chamber( Main body stainless-steel) Additional Burning Chamber( Key body stainless steel) Mix-Combustion Chamber Wet Scrubber( Laundering Tower)( Text stainless-steel) Heater Control Circumstance Smokeshaft:5.0 Meters *( update to Stainless-steel, complimentary expense) Italy burner: 02 collections HICLOVER – Medical Environmental  Oil Storage Container (if oil gasoline ): […]
Large Capacity Animal Pet Cremation HICLOVER Model A1500 with E-Power Auto. Door Variation A1500 Inner Dimensions 150 x 100 x 96cm Match for Animal Pet dog pet cat – – – – yes – Dog – yes Pig – – small Cow – – miniature Main Product Listing Main Burning Chamber Added Burning Chamber Mix-Combustion […]
Version YD-30 Mobile Kind Picture Burning Price Regular 30 kgs/hour Feed Capacity Common 60 kgs/feeding Chamber Text Stainless-steel Mobile Attribute With Wheel and likewise Brake Main Burning Chamber 280 Liters Second Combustion Chamber 150 Litres Mix Burning Chamber Yes Feed Setting Handbook Voltage 220V Power 1.5 Kw Gas Kind Diesel Oil Burner Italy Original Oil […]
1. The double chamber incinerator shall preferably be designed. Air distribution in the primary and secondary chamber shall be regulated between 30%-80% and 170%-120% of stoichiometric amount respectively. Flow meter/suitable flow measurement device shall be provided on the primary and secondary air ducting. The combustion air shall be supplied through a separate forced draft fan […]
incinerator manufacturer,medical incinerator,small scale incinerator,oil fired incinerator (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 2020-04-06 External Measurements 260x150x180cm 2020-04-06 Items/Model TS100 Reduce Price Frequent 100 kg/hour Feed Capacity Standard 200 kg/feed Control Mode PLC Combustion Chamber 1200L Interior Measurements 120x100x100cm Second Chamber 600L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Mode Manual Voltage 220V Power 0.7 Kw Oil Intake […]
Mobile Containerized Waste Incinerators pets or human cremation emergency use Layout CA-200 Photo Burning Rate Common 100 kgs/hour Key Burning Chamber 2000 Liters Secondly Burning Smokeshaft Yes Feed Establishing Hand-operated Voltage 220V Power 3.0 Kw Gas Kind Diesel Oil Heater Italy Original Oil Usage (Diesel Oil) Typical 53 kg/hour Interior Measurements 200 x 100 x 100cm […]
Medical waste is currently managed via an old medical waste incinerator; which also manages the associated medical waste delivery and ash removal arrangements.Pathological waste: organs, tissues, surgical specimens, bodily fluids removed during surgery or autopsy.  Mix and moisture content not known.Allow for weekly deliveries @ 8 hour per day operation = 11 kg per hour […]
2020-06-27 2 X FIRE ROPE (1M) 2 X HT MASTIC (PER INCINERATOR) 1 X PPE PACKAGE 2020-06-27 Items/Model TS250( PLC) Photo Idea Waste Incineration Treatment Burn Cost Average 250 kg/hour Feed Ability Criterion 400kg/feeding Control Establishing PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Burner) Combustion Chamber 2000L Inner Measurements 210x88x110cm Second Chamber 1000L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed […]
General specifications of a 100 kg/hr incinerator No. Description Parameter value     model   HICLOVER YD100 1 Machine working mode Oil + Power Oil + Power 2 Voltage 220V C 3 phase or 1 phase 220V 1P 3 Oil consumption (lit/hr) Average 25-32 lit/hr/chamber Average 33Liters/hour/total incinerator 3 burners 6 Incineration rate 100 kg/hr […]
the Whole carcass of animals ( Horses, Cows, Incinerators should be provided in the fuel tank (diesel ) The destruction of 1000 kg / hour. Incinerator capacity is calculated ? must have fuel with automatic control and malfunction So as to get the proper effect. Consistency is independent of the initial and secondary chambers. Must […]
Incinerator Parts Mineral Insulated Thermo couple sensor K-Type 300SS K type 300SS: M27*2, 300mm Ins,2520 S.S, 2.5mm core  HICLOVER – Medical Environmental    WWW.HICLOVER.COM Waste Incinerators Medical Waste Incinerator Pet Animal Cremation Solid Waste Incinerator Tel:  +86-25-8461 0201    Mobile: +86-13813931455(whatsapp/wechat)Website:  Email: [email protected]Email: [email protected]   Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.   smart 2020-06-27
● Willing to burn 25-30kg per hour 2 sec. Fuel options    Oil Length (mm) ·         General wastes generated on a daily basis  include paper, plastic, organic materials, boxes, plastic containers, leaves, etc; ·         Total waste generated per day: 10-12 tonnes; ·         Hours of Operation: 10 hours a day;
Items/Model TS50M Picture Melt Rate Average 50 kg/hour Feed Capacity Average 50-150 per feeding Control Setting PLC( Programmable Thinking Controller Incinerator) Combustion Chamber 450L Internal Measurements 75x75x80cm Extra Chamber 225L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Setting Manual Feeding Voltage 220V Power 0.5 Kw Oil Use (kg/hour) Average 13.3 Gas Use (N.G, m3n/Hour) Regular 16 Gas […]
Design for Pets Cremation Service Movable system & & & & Vehicle. Door Independent Placement for Little Pet Incinerator with Movable platform & Auto. Door and Design for Pets Human Cremation Business Layout A1500 Image Burning Rate Average 150 kgs/hour Feed Capacity Standard 350 kgs/feeding Main Burning Chamber 1500 Liters Second Burning Chamber 500 Litres Mix […]
Standard 30kgs per hr *** Secret chamber( 200Liters) *** 2nd room *** Mix burning chamber *** Stainless-steel smokeshaft( 1meter) *** Italy made oil heater( 2sets) *** Dry Scrubber *** Weight 1.7 T( can decrease to 1.0 Lot) Trick Spare Components( Standard for incinerator, and also cost contain presently): *** 2 collections Italy Oil Heating system […]
Medical Waste Incinerators in Stock. Twitter: Phone/WhatsApp/Wechat: +8613813931455, Web: Web: Double Combustion Chamber,Double Italy Burner,Smoke Filter Included,Burning Rate: 50-200kgs per hour optional,Primary Combustion Chamber: 1.57M3(1570Liters),Incinerator Mainbody steel: 8mm thickness,Paint for outside face: 800°C Rate,Chamber Material: High Alumina Fire Brick Wall, 1750℃ Rate,Idea for campsite average or below 600 people,Chimney: 10 Meters, Stainless […]
Items/Model TS10(PLC) TS20(PLC) TS30(PLC) TS50(PLC) TS100(PLC) Burn Rate (Average) 10 kg/hour 20 kg/hour 30 kg/hour 50 kg/hour 100 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average) 20kg 40kg 60kg 100kg 200 kg Control Mode PLC PLC PLC PLC PLC Combustion Chamber 100L 210L 330L 560L 1200L Internal Dimensions 50x50x40cm 65x65x50cm 75x75x60cm 100x80x70cm 120x100x100cm Secondary Chamber 50L 110L 180L 280L 600L […]
Model Capacity/Burnning Rate For Hospital SickBed No. Fuel Type Qty. Ready for Shipping New Production  Shipping Volume Shipping Weight Delivery Location TS30 average 30kgs per hour Average 150 SickBed Diesel Oil 1 set 5 days 20sets/2 weeks 5 m3 3000 kgs Shanghai Port TS50 average 50kgs per hour Average 250 SickBed Diesel Oil 1 set […]
A room of post combustion of gases oA burner of combustion of gases, Fuel? : diesel Manufacturer to provide  necessary information for the best of  the installation The control panel shall have all appropriate audible and visual alarms to ensure safe operation. This incinerator with”PYROLYTIC” combustion must possess: ? Thickness    : ≥150 mm OA secondary […]
Model Capacity/Burnning Rate For Hospital SickBed No. Fuel Type Qty. Ready for Shipping New Production  Shipping Volume Shipping Weight Delivery Location TS30 average 30kgs per hour Average 150 SickBed Diesel Oil 1 set 5 days 20sets/2 weeks 5 m3 3000 kgs Shanghai Port TS50 average 50kgs per hour Average 250 SickBed Diesel Oil 1 set […]
Model Capacity/Burnning Rate For Hospital SickBed No. Fuel Type Qty. Ready for Shipping New Production  Shipping Volume Shipping Weight Delivery Location TS30 average 30kgs per hour Average 150 SickBed Diesel Oil 1 set 5 days 20sets/2 weeks 5 m3 3000 kgs Shanghai Port TS50 average 50kgs per hour Average 250 SickBed Diesel Oil 1 set […]
HICLOVER – Medical Environmental  Model YD-30 (Custom Edition) Picture   Burning Rate  average 30 kgs/hour Feed Capacity average 40 kgs Paimary Combustion Chamber 200 Liters Secondary Combustion Chamber 100 Liters Mix Combustion Chamber Yes Feed Mode Manual Voltage 220V Power 0.59Kw Fuel Type Diesel Oil Burner Italy Original Oil Consumption (Diesel Oil) average 13.3 kg/hour Gas Consumption […]
Light Weight Small-Scale Medical, Mobile Optional Type Model YD-30  Picture   Burning Rate  average 30 kgs/hour Feed Capacity average 40 kgs Paimary Combustion Chamber 200 Liters Secondary Combustion Chamber 100 Liters Mix Combustion Chamber Yes Feed Mode Manual Voltage 220V Power 0.59Kw Fuel Type Diesel Oil Burner Italy Original Oil Consumption (Diesel Oil) average 13.3 […]
2020-03-26 3000kgs/4000kgs Outside Measurements 175x120x140cm 2020-03-26 Items/Model TS30( PLC) Picture Dropped Price Normal 30 kg/hour Feed Capability Average 60kg per feeding Control Setting PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Heater) Vehicle Control in Addition to Show Burning Chamber 330L Internal Dimensions 75x75x60cm 2nd Chamber 180L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Setting Handbook Feeding Voltage 220V Power 0.5 […]
Variation WS-35 Picture Burning Price Typical 35 kgs/hour Feed Capacity Regular 80 kgs Main Burning Chamber 460 Liters Additional Burning Chamber 200 Litres 3rd Burning Chamber 200 Litres Smoke Filter Chamber Damp Scrubber System Feed Mode Guidebook Voltage 220V Power 2Kw Gas Type All-natural Gas/LPG Heating System Italy Original Oil Intake (Diesel Oil) *** Gas […]
Items/Model CA100 Picture Idea Medical Waste Incineration Therapy Burn Rate Criterion 100 kg/hour Feed Capability Standard 200kg/feeding Control Establishing PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Incinerator) Burning Chamber 1200L Inner Measurements 120x100x100cm Secondary Chamber 600L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Setting Manual Voltage 220V Power 1.3 Kw Oil Utilization (kg/hour) Common 20.4 Kgs/Hour Gas Utilization (m3/hour) *** […]
HICLOVER – Containerized Mobile Incinerator Medical Waste Incinerator Model CA50 Version CA50 Picture Waste Therapy Medical Waste Incineration Therapy Feed Ability Regular 100 kgs per feeding Burning Price Regular 50 kgs per individual resources Burning Time per Feed Average 2 hr Control Setting PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Incinerator) Voltage 220V Power 1.0 Kw Gas Diesel oil […]
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continues all over the world, clinics,hospitals,goverment may need to consider on-site disposal for the infectious  medical waste. The medical waste incinerators that has been effectively used to dispose of hazardous waste during  viral outbreaks like Ebola. HICLOVER.COM reaches temperatures of up to 1200oC and is able to destroy health care […]
Items/Model TS300( PLC) Concept Waste Incineration Treatment Melt Price Requirement 250 kg/hour Control Placing PLC( Programmable Logic Controller Incinerator) Burning Chamber 2000L Interior Dimensions 170x120x100cm 2nd Chamber 1000L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Establishing Handbook Voltage 220V Power 2.5 Kw Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Average 28( DO) Gas Consumption (m3/hour) *** Temperature Level Degree Monitor Digital […]
Version YD-100 Photo Burning Price 100-150 kgs/hour Trick Burning Chamber 2000 Liters Secondly Combustion Chamber 500 Liters Feed Establishing Handbook Voltage 220V/380V Power 2.5 Kw Gas Kind Diesel Oil Heating Unit Italy Original Oil Intake (Diesel Oil) Average 28 kg/hour Gas Use (Gas) *** Inner Measurements 180x115x98 centimeters (key chamber) Outside Measurements 270x185x280cm (without chimney) […]
The first is a little Shall provide ladder till the top. It shall be operated by manual and automatic mode. Combustion Fan: Material of construction of outer body: Mild Steel refractory lined from interior. Second is a 500kg per/hr incinerator for a company planning to begin a I.D. Fan: It shall have separate digital display of temperature for both chambers. C.E.= __%CO2______ x 100 Material of Construction: Mild Steel, 5mm thick Bidder shall submit detail drawings, design, and layout plan of civil functions. Volatile organic compounds in ash shall not be more than 0.01%. Progress, in detail. Secondary chamber gas residence time shall be minimum 1 second at 1050 oC. Brand: Chimney of 30 meters Height: Refractory: 75mm thick castable.{ (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});|} Standards and Safety Requirements Must provide user training (like how to use and maintain the equipment). Operational Requirements Re- Circulation Pump for Venturi Scrubber Substance: Refractory bricks confirming to international standard. Material of Construction: Mild steel. port. Corrective/breakdown maintenance whenever required. It shall have to reduce flue gas temperature prior to venturi scrubber. All compulsory approvals required for the installation and operation of incinerator shall be done Temperature: Main Chamber 800 ± 50 oC, Secondary Chamber 1050 ± 50 oC. […]
heating units which could look after Bio-Medical waste (red bag) from laboratory with level 2 in improvement to 3, family pet research study, as well as health. Site 1– – – – 4,650 Kgs routine month-to-month (I’ve suggest that I set up two heaters at this area offered that it is a clinical research study […]
2 dishwashers 1 with 500kg/day shed capacity an extra one with 1000kg/day thaw capacity 1 x Electrode 1 x Gas Filter 1 x Photocell 1 x Versatile pipeline 1 x Nozzle 1 x Control Box