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5-1- Chambre de post combustion est installée au dessus du foyer  de combustion, elle  est constituée d’un cylindre  métallique  revêtu intérieurement d’une couche d’ isolant et d’une couche de matériaux réfractaires. : 2,1 m3 Est dimensionnée pour pouvoir  garantir  un temps de fumée de 2 secondes à 1100°C avec un pourcentage d’oxygène libre d’au moins […]
Incinerators used will be restricted to daylight hours of operation. This includes shutdown, cleaning and maintenance.   Waste streams shall not be mixed during the incineration process and the ash collection chamber will be cleaned when a different waste stream is to be incinerated. The business will provide the contractor with a list of items […]
Equipped with main combustion  chamber and a second Room for reburning  Made to ensure  complete combustion  of the gases  resulting  from  incomplete  combustion  of inert gases in the chimney, within the Criteria Advocated by the World Health Organization; Equipped with temperature controller to adjust the air of the combustion of the waste, and fuel flow […]
    The following requirements are to be considered as an essential part of the technical specifications for each equipment type.   The system offered shall be made to operate normally under the conditions of different areas in Kenya. These conditions may include but not limited to power supply, temperature, humidity, and other climatic conditions. […]
It’s anticipated that the Bidder will cooperate closely with PATH and target Hospitals for the new waste management building/area and will make available all needed technical information, drawings, etc.,   The following waste streams shall be treated in the new HCW treatment center(s):   Infectious waste   Sharps waste   Pathological waste   Pharmaceutical waste […]
SECTION V   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF THE INCINERATOR   General Description   The plant has to have four different sections that demonstrate three fundamentals of turbulence, residence time and temperature retention. The regulated sections may include but not limited to:   Overall plant layout Feed chamber/charging Primary combustion chamber Particulate scrubbers Acid gas The stack/chimney. […]
Finally, steam to  the coat should shut off, the unloading door is to be opened Then the shaft and mixing arms are reversed to behave as unloading mechanism and should scoop the waste fragments out of the unloading door, onto a conveyor belt or directly into a waste container. The vessel should now be ready […]
Medical waste, disposable syringes, infusion sets processing, cotton yarn, the operating room, the residual limb, waste rubber gloves, protective clothing and infectious and harm venereal hospital bed supplies, general wastes Hight Temperature Flue Gas Analysis Instrument, O2/CO/NO/NO2 parameter   Incinerator Items/Model HICLOVER TS10(PLC)   Burn Rate (Average) 10-20 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average) 20kg/feeding Control Mode PLC Automatic Primary Combustion Chamber 100L Internal Dimensions 50x50x40cm Secondary Chamber 50L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes […]
Sterilization time: approx. 30 minutes at 121◦C/1.1 Tavern or approx  15 minutes at 132◦C/2.5 Tavern to reach 6log10 sterility Fragmentation within the chamber: Heavy duty with maximum size of final product
  Model HICLOVER YD-30C Picture   Feed Capacity Average 30-50 kgs per feed Burning Rate Average 30 kgs per hour Voltage 220V Power 0.59Kw Fuel Natural Gas or Diesel oil Burner Italy Burner Feed Mode Manual Fuel consumption (Oil) 10.2-20.0 Kgs/Hour Fuel consumption (Gas) 12.2-24.0m3/Hour External Dimensions 170 x 140 x 190cm (mainbody) Internal Dimensions […]
Incinerators to be appropriate for the expert disposal of clinical & & & & medical waste/ rubbish having a better lots capability from the selection of about 1000-1500 Kg. The tough, self-contained burners will provide a exceptionally powerful and effective, secure disposal in addition to be made according to proper globally instructions, e.g. CE, EU, […]
Battery Charger: Must be built in battery charger, rectifier type with transformer, circuit breaker and overload protection plugs into any 220VAC outlet. Steering: A pallet truck style steer handle for easy maneuverability. Wheels: approx. 5″ phenolic rear casters for steering and approx. 4″ phenolic wheels with roller bearings situated from the straddle legs. Brake: A […]
  Items/Model TS1000 Picture   Principle Solid Waste Incineration Treatment Burn Rate Average 1000kg/hour Feed Capacity Average 6000kg/feeding Control Mode PLC(Programmable Logic Controller Incinerator) Combustion Chamber 4800Liter Internal Dimensions 400*120*100 cm Secondary Chamber 1000Liter Feed Mode Manual/Forklift Voltage 220V/380V Power 8.0Kw Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Average 67(DO) Gas Consumption (m3/hour) *** Temperature Monitor Digital Display Temperature Protection Yes […]
? Opening Doors – the closed and fixation automated system, that are handled remotely by the operator. ? Designed to operate in long mode and quick Action ( Quick Start EP – I) ? Fully mobile – mounted on wheeled chassis Even through the operation. Incinerators must be provided As standard equipment a particular truck […]
“Waste chamber Chamber capacity 300 kg Chamber quantity .54m3 Chamber dimensions (outside) Width: 91cm, Height: 86cm Length: 152cm Door opening 66 x 76 cm Height to door 84 cm Height to top of pile 5.4 m Suggested slab dimension (L x W x Thickness) 1.8 m x 2.4 m x 10 cm Burn speed: Approximately […]
*Primary combustion chamber *Secondary combustion chamber *Smoke filter chamber * Stainless Steel chimney *Auto PLC control system *Italy brand burner * Automatic Protection Operator(APO) *Heavy duty refractory chamber *Corundum Temperature Thermometer *CE/ISO certification,etc     Incinerator Items/Model HICLOVER TS500(PLC)   Burn Rate (Average) 500-600 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average) 600kg/feeding Control Mode PLC Automatic Primary Combustion Chamber […]
  Incinerator Items/Model HICLOVER TS30(PLC) Burn Rate (Average) 30-50 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average) 60kg/feeding Control Mode PLC Automatic Primary Combustion Chamber 330L Internal Dimensions 75x75x60cm Secondary Chamber 180L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Mode Manual Voltage 220V 2P Power 0.5Kw Burner Type Italy Brand Oil Consumption (kg/hour) 12 N.Gas Consumption (m3n/hour) 9.8–20 Temperature Monitor Yes Temperature […]
air retention for at least 2 seconds at a temperature of less than 850C, the combustion to be able to achieve the proper effect. ? Must be a two-chamber incinerators, secondary and primary Fuel stoves ? The waste products to reduce the initial volume Potential to minimize (roughly 5% sterile ash Form). Goal: Top Loader […]
Vertical closed furnace combustion chamber incinerator   Medical waste, disposable syringes, infusion sets processing, cotton yarn, the operating room, the residual limb, waste rubber gloves, protective clothing and infectious and harm venereal hospital bed supplies, general wastes.   10-20kg/time (daily burn 3-6times, each time consume about 1 hour) total daily waste capacity 120 kg   Incinerator Items/Model HICLOVER TS10(PLC)   Burn Rate (Average) 10-20 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average) 20kg/feeding Control Mode PLC Automatic Primary Combustion Chamber 100L Internal Dimensions 50x50x40cm Secondary Chamber 50L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Mode Manual Voltage 220V 2P Power 0.5Kw Burner Type Italy Brand Oil Consumption (kg/hour) […]
Incinerator Items/Model HICLOVER TS30(PLC)   HICLOVER TS50(PLC)   HICLOVER TS100(PLC)   Burn Rate (Average) 30-50 kg/hour 50-100 kg/hour 100-150 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average) 60kg/feeding 100kg/feeding 350kg/feeding Control Mode PLC Automatic PLC Automatic PLC Automatic Primary Combustion Chamber 330L(0.33M3) 560L(0.56M3) 1810L(1.81M3) Internal Dimensions 75x75x60cm 100x80x70cm 165x110x100cm Secondary Chamber 180L 280L 660L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Yes Yes […]
Dimensions: World standard: 0.83m(I) x 1.0m(w) x 1.4m(h) Burning efficacy: >98% china double chamber incinerator Features: ?     Waste type and burn rate: Designed specifically for use by poultry farmers, game-keepers and for pet cremation. The incinerator will burn up to 50 kg of waste per hour. ?     Construction: solid steel welded fabrication composed of sheet […]
Double Combustion Chamber Medical Waste Incinerator Hot Face,High aluminum firebrick 55% of Al203,1750°C Grade. Code face, High Rate Refractory Ceramic Fiber, 1050°C Grade  
Number item: 01 unit Can you please send us cataloge detail for Pet Cremation of dogs, cats. – Please services need: General about Cremation system which is appropriate Up to 600kgs per ten-hour day of Form IV pathological waste or red bag waste rated at 2200 BTU’s per kg, according to batch loading twice per […]
18   Electrical supply required 3-phase 19   Auxiliary fuel      Diesel or paraffin 20   Main burner 21 Secondary (Later ) burner 22 Kind of burners   Automatic pressure jet 23   Output Primary   Approx 600 000 kJ/hour 24   Output Secondary      Approx 750 000kJ/hour 25 Emission control Heated refractory screen Low Speed grit arrester screen     Built in 26   Paint Instance […]
INSULATION. Limiting Regular solution limit 1000 amounts C. Waste kind: MEDICAL CARE WASTE Small Capacity: 50Kg/Hour set tons. Thickness 25mm THROUGHPUT. 50kg/hour at a small calorific well worth of 4,000 kcal/kg and also a regular mass thickness of 120kg/MCubed for regular waste and 160kg/MCubed for healthcare waste.
Would plant operations be usable on a basis of 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, all year long except for regular and preventative maintenance periods? What volume and characteristics of ash could be produced from these solid wastes valorization? How many hours per year could your process be operational?   What would be […]
An operating test ought to be conducted to make certain that each of the control components have been properly installed and that all areas of the incinerator, such as controls and safety devices, are in satisfactory operating condition. The demands for prepurge and time between restarts should be confirmed. The evaluation should include but not […]
The successful bidder will deliver the incinerator slide in a container. A containerized alternative is also acceptable. incinerator with a closed air surroundings, 
Supervision of installation of the new incinerator set shall be provided by the successful Bidder while labor and heavy duty equipment shall be provided by CEB.     ?     The successful Bidder shall submit to CEB, prior to shipment of the incinerator set, its processes for the installation of the incinerator and exhaust chimney. This […]
Flue Gas Cleaning   System   ?   quoted individually )     7 Chimney Height 10m (minimal )       ?     Overall duration of the supervision of installation, testing and commissioning works shall not exceed 2 weeks.     2.11       Commissioning     Commissioning  tests  to  be  performed on  site  shall  include  but  […]
Incinerator dual chamber with capacity 1.5 m3/batch or 6 m3/ day, electronic thermocontrol range 0‐1200 C, thermocouple, air supply capacity 10m3/ minute, electricity consumption 1.2kWH/ hour, power 3 phase with netral, cooling water sprinkler capacity 5L/ minute, completed with refractory (insulation, castable, ceramic blanket) and PLC SUPPLY, INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING OF WASTE INCINERATOR — TECHNICAL […]
Incinerate: medical waste and general waste Capacity to burn waste: 400-500kg/hr Fuel: Diesel Gas Consumption: 10 liters/hr maximum Incineration temperature: 950-1300 degrees centigrade Casing: thick (min 5mm) stainless steel casing and fully insulated to withstand sea humidity Voltage 220/240v or 380/415V Frequency 50Hz Feeding: Automatic Ash/leftovers removal: Automatic Flue gas filtration system: Yes   Thus, […]
The incinerator fuel tank shall meet the following requirements: a) The tank shall be installed above ground and according to all of the fuel tank requirements in Section 1015 including secondary containment. b) The tank shall be sized to hold a 14 day supply of diesel fuel   6) Manufacturer has to provide the following […]
I also research their product information and find it don’t require fuel and also not require fan blower but that incinerator can only burn waste with 30%-40% humid. I don’t have yet precise details regarding the project opportunities. I have met with the Environment Minister at Algeria, amongst others, and they are presently in the […]
Medical waste is posing a growing problem all over the world, jeopardizing the health of staff, patients, disposal workers and anyone else coming into contact with the often hazardous materials discarded by hospitals and other healthcare sites. Hospital waste varies from site to site and the biggest challenge is to dispose of this wide range of waste streams. Incineration is still the preferred way to process medical waste without endangering the heath patients, staff or anyone else coming into contact with them. Clinical waste is costing more and more to dispose of safely. Health Clinics and Health center can now handle their own waste streams using one of our specialist medical incinerators. Destroying hazardous waste at source is by far the most effective and efficient way of handling waste that could potentially spread diseases or viruses. HICLOVER is now offering a full range of medical waste incinerators, designed to provide efficient waste destruction, utilizing best available technologies and environmentally friendly process. Due to the secondary chamber with its 2 second retention period, our medical incinerator range is well suited to process medical waste. Requirement 20% -25% of the full waste created by medical treatment facilities is associated to as hazardous and also might develop a selection of health as well as environmental threats if not managed and also harmed in a correct means. Our products ensure reliable, neat as well as very simple disposal of clinical […]
Programming controls. planned method. Appropriate prepurge, ignition, postpurge, and modulation ought to be verified. A stopwatch ought to be used for confirming periods of time. ?     The satisfactory operation of the fuel control solenoid valves for all requirements of operation and shutdown should be verified. ?     A low voltage test ought to be run on […]
Fully automatic sequential control provided by internal Secondary chamber pre-heat Burn cycle (variable) Cool down cycle PLC system providing control of: Gas Alternatives Diesel, LPG, Natural or Bio Gas. Average Gas Consumption Diesel: 8 / 10 litres per hour Liquid Propane Gas: 6 / 8 litres per hour Natural Gas: 7 / 9 Nm3 per […]
Anchor all gear to building floor or construction as shown or as recommended by manufacturer with allowance for thermal expansion as required.   Control and Instrument Panel: Rigidly attach enclosure to structural element of the building. Locate panel so that all control switches and indicators are within 1700 mm (5.5 ft ) of the floor […]
Including:Incinerator: Structure to be specified – A receiving cage for biomedical waste; – A combustion chamber using a chimney using a filter to keep the ashes; Chimney section: about 300 cm; using a minimum height of 6 m Door dimensions: approximately 50×60 cm Supplied with a 500 liters fuel tank and all necessary accessories for […]
Test shall be conducted by factory authorized representative of incinerator manufacturer.   Demonstrate required weight reduction of specified waste. Waste shall be fed in a single batch to the unit. After termination of manufacturer’so-called burning period, inspect and weigh the residue.   Emissions testing may be deleted if not required by state or local authorities. […]
The incinerator will then take supply from the DO tank through its DO feed pumps to its respective burners. An incorporating meter shall be installed to measure the quantity of DO consumed by the incinerator. The meter will have a digital read out in litres and will record quantities from 1 to 99999 with an […]
The successful Bidder shall inform CEB in writing at least three (3) weeks prior to the carrying out of factory tests so as to enable sending of a CEB Engineer for witnessing  of  the  factory  tests.    A’Factory  Acceptance  Test ‘  schedule  shall  be   mutually agreed between the successful Bidder and the CEB Engineer. NOTE: […]
HICLOVER now offer a full range of containerized incineration systems, placing us at the forefront of the latest transportation and industrial trends. Containerization enables immediate waste management as the units are pre-assembled and pre-installed.Containerization is the most feasible and viable option in contrast to the construction of on-site facilities and housing structures, eliminating the man power and costs involved. The system has the added benefit of total mobility (both local and international), and is ideal for military and civil camps and remote locations where infrastructure is scarce. Items/Model TS10(PLC) TS20(PLC) TS30(PLC) TS50(PLC) TS100(PLC) Burn Rate (Average) 10 kg/hour 20 kg/hour 30 kg/hour 50 kg/hour 100 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average) 20kg 40kg 60kg 100kg 200 kg Control Mode PLC PLC PLC PLC PLC Combustion Chamber 100L 210L 330L 560L 1200L Internal Dimensions 50x50x40cm 65x65x50cm 75x75x60cm 100x80x70cm 120x100x100cm Secondary Chamber 50L 110L 180L 280L […]
standard type, 11m long,self supporting Capacity-220kgs/hr refuse-hospital waste average moisture-15-20% on fist time DIMENSIONS height: 2710mm span: 2840mm Width; 2450mm loading door opening: 610mm x 610mm Grate/Heath Area: 2.0(square meters) Primary chamber volume: 2.4(cubid  meters) secondary chamber volume:2,72(cubid meters0 total quantity: 5,12(cubid meters) minimum stack diameter:560mm   300 kg per day healthcare waste incinerator   […]
A chamber of post combustion of gases * A burner of combustion of gases, * A device of injection of air allowing a total recombustion of gases, * A device of air inlet of cooling of waste gases, * A sheath of evacuation of the gases burnt. * Carcass in strong sheet steel with assistance […]
incinerator. High Temperature Waste Incinerator Model D. MB 750XL Burn Rate-150Kg/hour minimum Weight(Kg)-4000kg Secondary Chamber (double chamber with post-burning) Gas Retention Time 2 second Fuel Diesel Power Supply for control box 220V-240, single phase 50-60Hz Minimum operating temperature 1200 oC 1 year spare parts package for complete maintainability 10m hose pipe. 1100 litre fuel Tank […]
Equipment Access Openings: Organize all piping and equipment to allow access to openings without disassembly of piping or equipment. Provide space which permits full opening of all doors, panels, and other access openings.   Operating Space: Do not reduce or alter personnel working spaces shown except with prior approval of Resident Engineer.   Fuel Oil […]
heavy Duty Steel casing   High Quality refectory lining & insulation   1 x Diesel fired ignition burners operated on / off   Front Loading Door (safety catch   Independent Ash Elimination Door     2.7  CONTROL UNIT The entire processing cycle and the combined effect of the individual components of the incinerator shall be […]
Burning Capacity: 125 kg minimum/time (3-6times/day), double chamber, double combustion system Per your advertisement for 300 Model – We will need to know the purchase price via return. How many Kg. Of Fuel would be required for running this Model 10 hrs. everyday. We’ve got our very own Freight Forwarding Agent. We had a […]
The temperature is over the minimum and under the maximum required temperature (e.g 1150? C) of the thermal reactor (partial load).   When switching off, only the solenoid valve for the fuel supply closes, the burner fan remains on to cool and protect the burner head.   The reactor burner shall be modulating burner with […]