Heater tiny to tool waste dispossal

Carburant Diesel
Largeur (mm) 2150
Carburant Diesel.
Ouverture Porte 1000×× × × 2000.
Longueur (mm) 3110.
Longueur (mm) 3110

The waste most contain differ materials plastics, rubber, paper, turf, leaves, woods, fruits, packaging carton, as well as likewise whole many others

Minimum température d’opération 950.
Dimension externes.
Hauteur (mm) 800.
Hauteur (mm) 3300.
Ouverture Porte 770×× × × 2000.
Largeur (mm) 1800.
Opération. Burner miniature to instrument waste dispossal for concerning 150-200 cosmopolitan waste from shopping mall, work environment as well as additionally residential.

The waste many include change products plastics, rubber, paper, grass, leaves, timbers, fruits, thing packaging container, as well as additionally a number of others

Minimum température d’opération 950.