installation of waste disposable incinerator system

installation of waste disposable system in airport.Incinerator with oil burner

–          The layout should prevent any discharge of polluting substances into soil, surface water and groundwater.

–          Combustion zone has to reach at least 860 degrees under the most adverse conditions with at least 6% oxygen. Since it will treat hazardous and organic waste, temperature has to reach at least 1100 degrees for at least 2 second.

–          Flue gases must be cooled to 200 degrees or lower before flue gas treatment. The flue gas cleaning equipment maust be at least two-field electrostatic precipitator/ESP, dust <30mgNm3.

–          Thermal efficiency not less than 85%.

–          It must be equipped with filter to reduce and contain pollutants from medical and organic waste.

–          Easy to operate for nearly unskilled employees.

–          25Kg/h. It will have largely paper, cardboard and food, though also it will incinerate medical waste. So the incinerator shall be able to handle hazardous and organic waste.