Numerous Sorts Of Burners

Heater design B. Burn Price 150kg/h minimal.
10m Hose pipe Pipeline, show duration.
10m Tube Pipe, recommend length.
Minimum leave rate of the discharges not less than 10 metres/second
Extra Chamber.
1000 Litre Fuel Storage Tank + Pipeline System, indicate quantity.
2nd Chamber.
Guarantee, reveal no of years

Heater variation C.
Mobile Incinerator version E. Burn Price 50kg/h minimal. Weight (kg), please show:.
Service guarantee, indicate no of years

Whole lot 4– – High Temperature Waste Incinerator.
Service guarantee, reveal no of years

Great deal 5– – Mobile Burner.
Mobile Heater design F. Burn Price 100kg/h minimal. Weight( kg), please recommend:.
Additional Chamber.
Minimum working temperature 1200 ° C, please show.

contaminated materials high temperature burners for the treatment of contaminateds materials. The waste will surely be blended, such as medical, oily wastes, forests in addition to lab wastes. Key burning
Gas Retention Time – – – – 2 Seconds. Power Supply – for – Control Box – 220V-240V 50Hz solitary phase.
Additional chimney expansion, recommend altitude

10m Tube Pipe, indicate span.
Diesel/LPG/LNG burning primary burning chamber/primary burning place
10m Tube Pipeline, indicate size.
Gas Retention Time – – 2 Secs. Diesel/LPG/LNG, please indicate. Minimum working temperature level 920 ° C, please indicate.
Burn Rate 100kg/h minimal.
Added smokeshaft growth, reveal elevation.
Smokeshaft with a minimum altitude of 4 meters above ground level
Temperature level Cautions
10m Tube Pipeline, indicate size. I000 Litre Gas Container+ Pipeline System, show volume. Included smokeshaft expansion
Weight (kg), please show:.
Extra burning
Second Chamber.
Gas Retention Time 2 Seconds.
HTW Incinerator layout D. Burn Cost – – 150kg/hour minimal.{
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Additional smokeshaft development, suggest altitude.
Assurance, show no of years

Great deal 7– – Heat Waste Mobile Burner.
Gas Retention Time – – – – 2 Secs. Power Supply for Control Box – – – – 220V-240V 50Hz lone stage.
Gas – Diesel/LPG/LNG, please show. Minimum running temperature amount 850 ° C, please indicate.
1000 Litre Gas Storage Tank + Pipe System, indicate volume.
Gas Diesel/LPG/LNG, please indicate.
Control box which could be separated and positioned on separate stand in the very least 1.5 meters from incinerator at around 1.6 meter height

Burner variation A.
Gas Retention Time – – – – 2 Secs. Gas – Diesel/LPG/LNG, please indicate –. Minimum running temperature 850 ° C, please indicate. 1 year Spare Elements Package for full maintainability.
Minimum working temperature amount 1200 ° C, please show.
HTW Mobile Incinerator design G.
House time in the second chamber very little less than 2 secs
Power Supply for Control Box 220V-240V, single stage 50-60Hz.
Additional smokeshaft growth, suggest altitude.
Minimum running temperature 920 ° C, please show.
Assurance, suggest no of years