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Incinerator is a incineration equipment, direct fire waste by gasoline fuel or oi gas. As different circumscription, incinerator can be named many words as below:


Therapy capacity: small scale incinerator, large scale incinerator and incineration pant.

Waste material: Municipal waste incinerator, medical waste incinerator, animal cremation incinerator, human cremators

Incinerator gas: gas incinerator, oil incinerator

Waste to Energy (WTE): WTE incinerator, non-WTE incinerator

Incinerator Manufacturer: China incinerator manufacturer, UK incinerator manufacturer, USA incinerator manufacturer, India incinerator manufacturer.

Famous Incinerator manufacturer company: Inciner8(UK), Clover Incinerator(China), Pennram (USA), Haat (India)

Burning Rate: 5kgs/hour, 10 kgs/hour, 15 kgs/hour, 20 kgs/hour, 30 kgs/hour, 50 kgs/hour, 100 kgs/hour, 150 kgs/hour, 300 kgs/hour, 500 kgs/hour


Pyrolytic incineration technical is traditional waste treatment way for several years. All over the world, in many countries, people anti incinerator since the incinerator will create a large Dioxin in the smoke. “Dioxins” refers to a group of toxic chemical compounds that share certain chemical structures and biological characteristics.  Dioxins can be released to the environment through forest fires, backyard burning of trash, certain industrial activities, and residue from previous commercial burning of waste.  Dioxins break down very slowly and previous releases of dioxins from the natural and man-made resources still exist in the environment. Anyhow, we have to remind this, that is big scale incineration pant, generally greater than 30 ton per day. This is a societal problem, to analyze and suggest ways in different angles from the general public, government, economic growth, environmental protection, technology development, etc..


So, why we still use incinerator? Pyrolytic technology can kill the virus, pollution control.

Second, for human body, pet animal, in many countries and regions, we want to cremation them. This is the service in the practice of society development, and ceremonies to commemorate the disappearance of existence.


As above two reason but not only above, we still use incinerators.


How you can discover reasonable incinerator for your local site?

Incinerator is not a cheap equipment, generally the small scale version’s price around $5,000usd per unit and large scale version’s price more than $50,000usd per unit. Thus, before purchase one unit incinerator, you need to make clear following things:

A, burn what? Incinerator is a incineration equipment, function is fire waste. So what kind of waste you want to treatment?

B, large or small? This according to the waste output every day or the waste quantity per feed time, like animal size. Incinerator use gas or oil fuel, generally, gas fuel is cheaper than oil and the smoke cleaner than oil fuel model. But some local site don’t have gas distribution system.

And other technology items, like power(220v, 380v), waste feed door kind, incinerator structure, etc..


After you clarify these, you can go to discover a local or worldwide producers, asking prices, technical specifications and ultimately purchasing the ideal products.

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