waste disposal incinerator

2. What’s your minimum capacity and maximum capacity incinerator.

3. You do provide secodn hand incinerator in good working condition.

Incinerator but the size of room > 2000 x >1200 mm. Prepare for burn LIQUID Waste +/- 20 liter/hr.
C: How many batch can we place in each day basis per 24 hours.
The chamber of the incinerator should be able to hold about 200 – 250 kilogram of waste at a specified time.
Dthe majority of systems will be run on petrol, so I want to understand the necessary pressure of gasoline in psi to operate the machine with no problem.
A;  Batch Capacity for every version, how much load can we place in 1 time. I need tio under stand in duration of batch load one time that I can ut in Kgs.