Day: October 11, 2022

The tenderer shall provide hydrostatic oil contents gauge (level index ) or a Centre line near the outlet connection. iv)    2No. Photo-electric cells Two sets of operating and maintenance manuals (both for the incinerator and burners) must also be provided. Including two sets of control schematic diagrams for all of the controls and wiring. 1.1.7   […]
hazardous waste disposal incinerator  Incinerator Items/Model HICLOVER TS100(PLC) HICLOVER TS150(PLC) Burn Rate (Average) 100-150 kg/hour 150-200 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average) 200kg/feeding 300kg/feeding Control Mode PLC Automatic PLC Automatic Primary Combustion Chamber 1200Liters(1.2m3) 1500Liters(1.5m3) Internal Dimensions 120x100x100cm 1500x1000x1000mm Secondary Chamber 600L 750Liters(1.0m3) Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Yes Feed Mode Manual Manual Voltage 220V 220V Power 0.7Kw […]
Incinerators must  be able to support different power sources (PV solar system ,  diesel Electric generator , local or  compound mini-scale grid).Each unit shall  include a complete vertical exhaust and stack system, including the following features: • Steel construction. Packing Details Serie No. Part Name Size(M) Weight(Kgs) 01 Incinerator Mainbody 1.8 x 1.2 x 1.7(LxWxH) […]
Waste Incinerator Door: Side/Front Opening Door VS. Top Opening Door Things Side Loading Door Top Loading Door Reference Price Cheap High cost Manufacture Tech. Easy A litter difficult Safty secure safer Incinerator Shape L/ I L Loading manual big door can be by Forklift Land occupation small big Ash door same with feeding door or […]
Each incinerator shall be supplied with all necessary assembly/disassembly tools. Spare parts and consumables The proposed incinerator systems shall include all  necessary spare parts, PPE, and consumables required for 2 years of operation.  Incinerator Items/Model HICLOVER YD30(PLC)   Burn Rate (Average) 30-50kg/hour(Medical Waste) 10-15kg/hour(Pet Animal Cremation) Feed Capacity(Average) 40kg/feeding Control Mode PLC Automatic Primary […]